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Heim Balp Architekten is an international architectural practice dedicated to the design of new buildings and to the conversion of existing ones. The firm is based in Berlin and has embraced the city-wide engagement with architecture and design in times of strong urban change.

The firm works both collaboratively and contextually, referring constantly to an ethos based upon an extensive understanding of all aspects of the design process: from the concept of an idea, to the completion of a building. The applied methodology is one based on a strong analysis of the programmatic scheme in order to achieve formal coherence within livable efficiency. The design philosophy is responsive and open-ended, allowing change throughout the design process.

The firm has also gained a strong experience in converting and extending existing industrial and residential architecture. Heim Balp Architekten is focused on environmental concerns and building efficiency, exploring new standards by which to measure our impact on the world we live in. The firm constantly explores material innovation and new solutions in the design of smart buildings.