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Following the closure of a department store at the heart of Neunkirchen, a small town of 46,000 inhabitants, the key pocket of land in the old town on which it was built is now in need of redevelopment to ensure its sustainability. The project involves action at numerous levels, not only architecturally but also in terms of function. The new plans should allow for substantial diversification: in addition to retail spaces on the ground floor, offices, a co-working space and apartments are to be built on the upper floors to make sure the complex remains animated into the evening. The facades of the existing structure are to be renewed and divided into plots in line with local rules. An anodised curtain wall system adds refined charisma to the centrally located buildings and features a multi-purpose design. The decision to separate out the facade facilitates natural ventilation and enables the interior spaces to be easily divided for a range of uses. A patio will be integrated inside the building, allowing light into the 30-metre deep existing structure and thus flexible use. The inclusion of abundant greenery on the roofs and over the facades improves the overall ambience of this highdensity block. This multi-purpose concept and its resource-efficient approach should help to sustainably restructure Neunkirchen’s town centre.

Project Info
Schematic Design ongoing
16.700 m²
Design Team
Antonio Seghini
Cansu Caner
Angelo De Angelis
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten