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Augsburger Straße

Densifying space in an existing apartment block, a new apartment building stands on Augsburger Straße in a clever reaction to its neighbors. Amongst the rotating modules set to the limestone facade, a 50cm wood-panel, protrusion pushes repeatedly against the building's outlines. This extending module gives the impression of outward movement, and frees up space for storage within the building. Set to the rear facade, full-glass balustrades hang in a rotating fashion, allowing the residents indivual and unobscured views. Gazing out from one of the baloconies, a greenery is set before the apartment, offering a place of gathering for tenants and guests. Crawling further up the building's Tetris-like face, a rooftop terrace offers a wide panorama of the surrouding Charlottenburg area.

Project Info
Under Construction
1.600 m²
1 - 5
Design Team
Julian Cassirer
Andreia Martins
Lia Janela
Monika Wilczek
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten