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Carrer de la Diputació

Linking community with a form that encourages social interaction and introspection, the Barcelona Diputació plays well amongst the Catalonian city's variety of high quality facades. Clad with red steel and extending upwards towards the hot, Spanish sun, the Diputació's facade calls out boldly to the historic Plaza de Toros. Its glass surface glimmers through the operable, sun-shading, steel panels. Accessed through an open atrium, each of the building's rooms contain a unique „Bento Box,“ also designed by Heim Balp Architekten. Further inside, the structure's interior houses an open patio. Here, a vertical greenery breaks apart the sun's warm rays, shading relaxing visitors. Lying beneath the patio, a communal space invites its guests for cooking and social events. Following the vines upward, the rooftop terrace graces its residents with a swimming pool, and stretches out into a wide panorama of the surrounding metropolis. In collaboration with Derryk Dettinger Arquitecte.

Project Info
1.250 m²
Design Team
Sara Brysch
Andreia Martins
Tommaso Petrucci
Giordana Ghinzani
Marco Ripa di Meana
In collaboration with Derryk Dettinger Arquitecte
Image Credits
Filippo Poli