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A new partially underground halls of residence and communal building are to be created in Planterwald in south Berlin. The project sees the construction of 150 micro-apartments complemented by a range of shared spaces for learning and socializing created on staircases, in a courtyard as well as on a communal roof terrace. The complex is divided into three structures: two apartment blocks and a communal building situated in the courtyard. The residential builds are linked via a central exterior stairwell leading to a patio. The courtyard features a green wall to further enhance the ambience. The complex is clad in a wooden facade that can be fully closed thanks to floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, creating an energetic playfulness when in use.

Project Info
Under construction
3.200 m²
1-5, Artistic survey
Design Team
Julian Cassirer
Antonio Seghini
Irene D`Alessandro
Joseba Iztueta
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten