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House in an Oak Grove

A friend of ecology and economy, the House in an Oak Grove is an homage to its habitat and a modest home to its owners. Situated in the northern outskirts of Berlin, the grove is giftted with old trees and single-family houses. The home's form embraces this environment with a young tree at the centre of its structure. Humble from the outside-in, the facade is clad with larch planks near the terrace, and is wraps around with a plaster-insulation system. The wooden terrace stretches towards the garden, creating a place for intimacy and relaxation amongst nature. Following the path of the sun, the rounded rooftop points inward towards the oaks, and casts outward to the sky. It brightens the terrace with warmth and daylight. Further, the roof is decorated with a plot of green grass, blending it with the surrounding treetops. In virtue and reality, the home looks away from the gates of Berlin, and towards the meadows of Brandenburg. It signals an escape from the noise of industry, and offers a welcome to the comforts of the countryside.

Project Info
Permit Planning Phase
138 m²
Design Team
Andreia Martins
Margaux Bosset
Anna Woźny
Marjana Dedaj
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architects