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Kulturpark Stolpe

Situated directly on the bank of the river Oder at the border to Poland, the plot was formerly a GDR cement factory with several buildings still left on site. As part of the development of a large cultural space, two of the former buildings will be repurposed. The first project is extending and re-inventing a concrete warehouse by adding two additional stories to provide space for ateliers and creative studios. Following the principles of reuse and cradle-to-cradle, the extension will be built in wood. For the second project, a conference center, the former two-story Plattenbau at the entrance area of the plot will be reused. Several new structures will be added in vincinity in order to provide new platforms to enjoy the view on the luscious green marshland surrounding the complex. Constituting the entrance to the cultural space, this part will also house a cafe.

Project Info
Stolpe Cultural
Design Team
Antonio Seghini
Mehrdad Jabbari
Rebeka Majnar
Ismet Bilgin
Maria Zisi