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Lindauer Straße

This 1960s building complex stands on the corner of Lindauer Strasse and Hohenstauffenstrasse in Berlin’s Schöneberg district. The redensification project sees the replacement of a single storey building and the construction of a new street corner. The development plan and the existing building structure, which is to be kept unchanged, do not allow the street corner to be developed, thus the new 14-unit residential property was designed to reflect the existing building. The distinctive balconies already in place were incorporated into the design and given a curved shape, thus creating a dialogue between the two building sections. Offset horizontal windows energise the facade, half of which extends onto the streetscape. Two striking freestanding pillars at ground level accentuate the protrusion and add emphasis to a new entrance intended for both buildings. Anodised frames in the window reveals add a unique sense of quality to the tough roughcast facade.

Project Info
Under Construction
1.250 m²
Design Team
Julian Cassirer
Andrea Martins
Margaux Bosset
Tommaso Petrucci
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten