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Lindower Straße Buildings B-D

HAUS D is the front street portion of the entire complex, consisting of an existing residencial building now refurbished, and a new one with four apartments, along with a small store to become a library on the ground floor. This part of the project helps the transition from the industrial core of the property to the street, where the residential buildings are located. The last phase of the project will provide HAUS B, a mixed use new building (3800 smq) conceived as a multiple culture expression place housing a theatre, gastronomy and culinary experience, along with art ateliers and galleries, artist residency and shared places.

Project Info
Under construction
3.800 m² (Haus B) 600 m² (Haus D)
Design Team
Claudia Große-Hartlage
Simone Martini
In collaboration with asastudio
Image Credits
Renderings by asastudio