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Müggelsee Housing Project

High-end apartment building and Villa at the lakeside of Müggelsee in the south of Berlin. A mirror to its neighbors and a face to its owners, the Müggelsee project is a modern development of earlier 20th century forms. The home is modeled from the bottom up, structured as three shifting, stacked boxes. The glass, ground floor weclomes guests, and provides the family a view of its community. The white, first floor then carries a rough, plaster facade that allows privacy and escape from the neighboorhood, while lastly, the aluminum-brushed, top floor disappears into the environment, adapting the forms of the lake and sky.

Project Info
Execution Planning Phase
925 m²
Design Team
Andreia Martins
Ralitza Berbenkova
Reto Assisi
Matteo Rossi
Natalia Novoa
Michael Cradock
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten