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Stadthaus 4

Stadtwerke Münster intends to construct a new administration building, which will serve as an extension of the city of Münster public services. The site intended for the new building with an area of 7.140 m² is located on Albersloher Weg between the streets Kiesekamps Mühle and Hafengrenzweg. Currently, this area is used as parking space for motor vehicles. In the basic decision of the council of May 2019, a net rentable area of the building of 16,000 m² and a total net investment of EUR 60 million was decided. The following offices of the City of Münster are intended to house the building: - Social Welfare Office, - Employement Office, - Office for Housing and Neighborhood Development - Office for Environment and Sustainability.

Project Info
Competition entry
17.000 m²
Design Team
Antonio Seghini
Julian Cassirer
Maria Vittoria Monaco
Irene D`Alessandro
Joseba Iztueta
Cansu Caner
In collaboration with Adept Architects
Image Credits
Adept and Heim Balp Architekten