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Vielitzsee Lakeside House

Located on high ground with a view of Lake Vielitz, a lavish country house is being created featuring an annexe, a pool and an extensive garden area. The design centres on a large hipped roof covered in slate that drains directly onto the terraces without guttering. This overarching roof brings together all the rooms, designed as individual lodges with pointed roofs, and juts out one metre from the building. The panel-like outer walls support the roof and are divided by floor-to-ceiling windows. The walls are finished with artisan roughcast externally and clay plaster internally for better temperature regulation. A modern, minimalist yet classic building design is created that blends in with the rural setting as well as local structures. Designed with sustainability in mind, the house is built as a wood construction while solar panels provide an autonomous power supply.

Project Info
Under Construction
200 m²
Design Team
Antonio Seghini
Pilar Sanchez Arjona
Eztizen Andres Guinea
Michael Hauser
Irene D´Alessandro
Joseba Iztueta
Image Credits
Heim Balp Architekten